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Features Annotations
Frequently Asked Questions about Features
Preliminary Comments

INTRODUCTION PART I: Sites PART II: Bonds PART III: Domains, Regions & Products
Feature Records
Feature Annotation Guidelines
Status Indicators
Order of Features
Active Site Records
General Definition of Binding Sites and Modification Sites
Binding Site Records
Inhibitory Site Records
Modified Site Records
Modified Side Chains
Modified Amino Terminus
Modified Carboxyl Terminus
Acetyllysine, Carbamyllysine, Acylcysteine
Aspartate & Glutamate Esters
Clevage Site Record
Cross-Link Record
Disulfide Bonds Record
General Principles
Signal Sequences and Transit Peptides
Membrane Crossing Regions
Homology Domains
Repeat Domains
Miscellaneous Rules
Product Records
Region Records
Suggestions for Annotators

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