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FAQ about Features

How is an annotator supposed to know how to make a good feature record?

  2. Use the residues database to search for residues with covalently bound groups, for modified residues, and for cross-links. Use the ATLAS FEATURE command to see the records in the RESID database to form the correct features for protein entries.
  3. Use the ATLAS FEATURE command to look at features in related entries or at the variety in the whole database. The correct current format is presented in the database, except possibly for entries that entered in the previous update. Be especially wary of features or feature formats that are present only in "Region" features of new entries.

please contact us for comments. Particularly, let us know your thoughts about the rules marked [GRAY] that are either questionable or provisional. We will appreciate your input toward improving this document: changes that improve clarity, additional examples, etc.

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