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Text Search
Text Search: Enter text or identifiers to search against iProClass for individual proteins, or PIRSF for protein families. An advanced search option is available for restriction of search terms, options, matching, and operators.

Batch Retrieval: Retrieve multiple entries from iProClass or multiple families from PIRSF database using a specific identifier, or a combination of different identifiers.
Sequence Search
Peptide Match: Find an exact match for a peptide sequence (3 to 30 amino acid long). Two UniProt databases can be used to perform the search: (1) UniProtKB, which contains functional information on proteins, with accurate, consistent, and rich annotation; or (2) UniRef100, which combines identical sequences and sub-fragments, from any organism, into a single entry.
Sequence Alignment
Multiple Alignment: Enter multiple sequences in FASTA format and/or multiple UniProtKB identifiers in the ID box to get the CLUSTALW alignment of the sequences along with a neighbor-joining tree and a PIR interactive tree and alignment viewer.

Pairwise Alignment: Insert two sequences using the single letter amino acid code or enter two UniProtKB identifiers. The results show the SSearch Smith-Waterman full-length alignments between the two sequences.
ID Mapping: Use ID Mapping to see the correspondence between any two identifiers, and therefore facilitate the navigation among databases and analysis programs.

Molecular Weight and Composition: Retrieve the molecular weight of a protein based on its amino acid composition. The calculation notes for the molecular weight of the protein and for each individual amino acid are provided.
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