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Reference Proteomes (RP)

There are two ways to make your own RP sequence file with respect to taxonomy group and cut-off level:

Using a script: Please click here to get a Perl script and click here to get the configuration file. You can modify the configuration file according to your need and run the script from your machine.

Using the RPs files by taxonomy group below: Get one file from each row and then put them together to form your RP sequence file.

Taxon Group 15% 35% 55% 75%
Arch/Crenar x x x x
Arch/Euryar x x x x
Archaea/.. x x x x
Bac/.. x x x x
Bac/ActnBac x x x x
Bac/Alpha-proteo x x x x
Bac/Aquific x x x x
Bac/Beta-proteo x x x x
Bac/CFB_bac x x x x
Bac/Chlamyd x x x x
Bac/CyanoBac x x x x
Bac/Dein-Therm x x x x
Bac/Delta-Epsilon-proteo x x x x
Bac/Firmicute x x x x
Bac/FusoBac x x x x
Bac/Gamma-proteo x x x x
Bac/Grn_sulf_Bac x x x x
Bac/Plnctmy x x x x
Bac/Thrmtg x x x x
Euk/.. x x x x
Euk/Alveolat x x x x
Euk/Animal x x x x
Euk/Dplmnad x x x x
Euk/Euglenozoa x x x x
Euk/Fungi-Metazoa x x x x
Euk/Grn_algae x x x x
Euk/Myctzoa x x x x
Euk/Plant x x x x
Euk/bird x x x x
Euk/mammal x x x x
Virus x x x x

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