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RESID Database - Table of Glycosylation Modifications

  C-linked N-linked O-linked S-linked
Trp-C2’ Asn Arg Trp-N1’ Lys-5OH Pro-4OH Ser Thr Tyr Cys
Ara           AA0212        
Fuc             AA0404 AA0405    
FucNAc             AA0422      
Gal         AA0153 AA0389 AA0400 AA0401   AA0392
GalNAc   AA0420         AA0154 AA0155 AA0577  
Glc   AA0421 AA0327       AA0397   AA0157 AA0152
GlcA             AA02912      
GlcNAc   AA0151       AA0390 AA0398 AA0399   AA0560
Man AA0217     AA0156     AA0402 AA0403    
Man6P               AA0514    
Xyl             AA02081 AA0247    
P-GlcNAc             AA0296      
P-Man             AA0297      

1 The glycosylation of Ser by xylose (Xyl) was reported in a yeast protein but was not supported by any chemical evidence.  That report is documented as a deprecated modification in AA0406.  The attachment of chondroitin sulfate, dermatan, heparan, and keratan by xylose linker tetrasaccharides are documented in AA0208, AA0209, AA0210, and AA0247.

2A modification that is probably Ser glycosylation by glucuronic acid (GlcA) is documented in AA0291.

Version 2010-02-01.

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