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PIR and caBIG
CONGRATULATIONS: Baris Suzek Receives Collaboration Award for caBIG Work

The cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid, or caBIG, is a voluntary network connecting individuals and institutions, creating a World Wide Web of cancer

research. caGrid is the informatics infrastructure that connects data, research tools, scientists, and organizations to leverage combined strengths and expertise in an open environment with common standards and shared tools.

Grid-Enablement of PIR- PIR is one of four reference projects for the first year of caBIG and the initial development phase of PIR's Grid-Enablement has been completed and the UniProKB is currently available and searchable on caGrid 0.5 the first test-bed release of the grid infrastructure.

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caBIG program
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caBIG SEED Project- SEED is a powerful tool for the analysis and annotation of genomes. The University of Chicago and Argonne National Labs is modifying SEED for caBIG to better serve the caBIG community. PIR is caBIG adopter for this project and working the developers to help design and test the SEED modifications.

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caBIG GeneConnect Project- GeneConnect is an identifier mapping service designed for caBIG that will facilitate data integration by mapping approved genomic identifiers (For example: RefSeq Protein Accessions > Entrez Gene Accessions > UniProtKB Primary Accessions) so that different data sources and tools that may use different identifiers for biological objects like genes and proteins can interact. PIR is caBIG adopter for this project and working the developers to help design and test the GeneConnect software.

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